About Jeanne Grier


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I’ve been an Interior Decorator for the past 20 years,  and in that role, I have guided many homeowners through their renovation and redecorating projects.  Now, the tables have been turned.  As I turn 50 in 2013, I am embarking on a kitchen reno that is the first step in a series of changes that need to be made to my 1970’s raised bungalow in Richmond Hill, Ontario.  Like the shoemaker’s children who have no shoes, my home has been neglected over the 15-plus years that we have lived in it.  I never saw us living here for more than a few years, when we first bought the house.  It was meant to be a starter home, not large at 1200 square feet, but with a layout that suited my home-based design business and our couple-without-child status.  Now, here we still are, with a teenager, plus a retail business (selling electric fireplaces), plus my ongoing design practice.  There were many years, with both a growing business and growing child, that I was sure we needed to move if we were ever going to have enough space. However, our changing needs have brought us full circle, to once again realizing that this house can work for us,  with just a ‘few’ tweaks.

I hope you’ll read along and share in our adventure.  If you do, you’ll meet my husband Colin and our son Logan.  Colin and I are not hip, or young.  We don’t have an unlimited budget, but we do have very limited time.    Sound familiar?  Then you’re in the right place to observe, learn, or just laugh along with us.


SF_logo_sq_notext_REV_300pxP.S.   If you’d like to know more about our fireplace business, you can check us out at www.stylishfireplaces.ca.  Within that site, you’ll also find my design page at www.stylishinteriors.ca.

And if you just want to see lots of pretty pictures of rooms with fireplaces, check out my boards on www.pinterest.com/electricstyle



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